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EDPR is dedicated in finding each and every dog in our care their forever home. We take careful consideration in the dog's needs to insure both the dog and new family are a good fit and will have a happy life. Our promise to the new family is to disclose any and all information and observations we have on the dog that has been in our care. The first step to our adoption process is to fill out an adoption application. All of our dogs are in foster homes and not at a central location so meetings must be coordinated.

What kinds of dogs does EDPR rescue?

We rescue great dogs of all breeds, sizes and personalities. WWe have everything from good ol' adult mutts to puppies, and we even get the occasional purebred! We encourage you to pick your new family member based on its individual personality, not breed-specific characteristics which often aren't true.We evaluate our dogs for good health and behavior and detail what we have learned about each dogs personality so we can help you find a dog that fits your lifestyle. Unlike larger organizations, most of our dogs are placed in foster homes so they receive a lot of one-on-one attention. They are able to work with them on a daily basis and really get to know them.

Why do we rescue dogs with special needs (blind, deaf, disabled, shy, etc)?

At EDPR, we make a conscious effort to help the underdogs that otherwise don't have a good chance of making it out of the shelter system. Many people think training blind or deaf dogs is more difficult, but in reality it is just different!

We offer behavior and training advice/support throughout the lifetime of your pet and are happy to work with first time special-needs adopters. We know blind and deaf dogs make wonderful companions and hope you can open your heart to one of our special needs residents.

We very take in black dogs that are overlooked at crowded shelters. Black dogs are slower to be adopted into their forever home. We have made the decision to help these marginalized dogs.

Where do the EDPR dogs come from?

Most of our dogs come from overcrowded shelters where they have run out of time or are in need of extra medical care. We also rescue dogs from the streets and stray’s that have been abandoned.

It is an unfortunate misconception that shelter dogs are "broken" or that there is something wrong with them. On the contrary, our dogs are some of the most loving and grateful animals you will ever come across!

What's included with adoption?

All dogs adopted through EDPR include vaccines for Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza and Rabies. as well as sterlization when they are of age. Our dogs are microchipped to aid in returning them home in the event they are lost.

Unlike many rescues, we are happy to work with first time pet owners, families with young children, and elderly and/or disabled individuals. We also include tips to make their transition into your life as smooth as possible. We believe there is a great match for anyone who wants to care for and love a dog!

We offer training and behavior advice for the lifetime of your pet and are always here if you have any questions or concerns.

If things change and you can no longer keep or care for your pet, we will always take them back into our program. When taking a dog back into our program. We ask for at most 30 days. We also include plenty of perks from dog walkers, trainers and groomers on our resources page!

How do I adopt?

Please fill out an EDPR adoption application o we can get to know you and your needs. Our adoptions tea will respond to you to set up an appointment to meet the dog(s) you're interested in.

Our volunteers are always here for support, and we love receiving updates on the new lives of our dogs!

You can also meet some of our dogs, as well as our friendly volunteers, at one of our weekly adoption events. Please email if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you!


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